ToE Research Theme: Technology, Borders, Migration, Labor


Dagmara Jajeśniak-Quast (European University Viadrina, Frankfurt O.)

Aristotle Tympas (University of Athens). Contact: tympas[at]


Technology, Borders, Migration, Labor

The study of borders has been central to the Tensions of Europe (ToE) agenda from the beginning--from making visible the ‘hidden integration’ of Europe through transnational  railways, roads, electricity and communication infrastructure etc. to retrieving the politics of border-related technologies (border-related ‘technopolitics’) that have played a central yet understudied role in processes of European integration and fragmentation. From the 2nd ToE Conference on ‘Technology and Rethinking of European Borders’ (Lappeenranta, Finland, 2006) to the 8th ToE Conference on ‘Border and ‘Technology’ (Athens, 2017), ToE scholars have been constantly refining their understanding of the borders-technology relationship through fruitful interaction with researchers from related fields (e.g. Border Studies).

Recently, ToE scholars have been updating this understanding in response to emerging societal challenges, like the recent and ongoing migration challenge. To this end they are reaching out to Migration Studies and related fields; having to offer, in exchange, rich experience when it comes to much-needed research on migration-related technologies, especially regarding the border-shaping encounter between border-keeping technologies and border-crossing technologies. Central is also the study of the labor issue, especially in regards to the role of technology in filtering labor flows at European borders and defining labor identities and conditions.



Conference: 8th ToE Conference ‘Border and ‘Technology’ (Athens, 2017)

Project: European Challenges: Technological Change and Re-Arrangements of Migration and Work funded by the European University Viadrina. It is a collaboration between the EUV Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION CENTER and Tensions of Europe.